Instant Domain Name Search is a FREE domain tool that instantly checks in real-time, as you type, whether a domain name is available for registration. Instant Domain Name Search checks ALL domain extensions: .com (default),, .ca,, .net, .org, etc. Use the second search form or bulk registration search form to confirm availability at Domain Registration Bank (that's where I register my domains). There are no CAPTCHA requirements to use Instant Domain Name Search.

1. Instant Domain Name Search
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  • Instant Domain Name Search requires JavaScript to be activated on your web browser to work properly.
  • Instant Domain Name Search ignores leading and trailing spaces, and spaces in between text. For example: " instant domain name search .org " is searched as "".
  • Instant Domain Name Search automatically removes "http://", "https://", "http://www.", "https://www." and all other characters not allowed in a domain name.
  • I am aware of the bug that pushes the focus back to the beginning of the form when you enter characters beyond the visible area of the search form. The visible area has more than enough room for most domains. The bug only appears in Firefox, so use IE, Safari or Chrome if the issue bothers you.
  • Instant Domain Name Search works by checking whether a domain is live and resolves to an IP address. If an IP address is found, then the domain has been registered. However, ocassionally registered domains do not have an IP address. In these cases Instant Domain Name Search will assume the domain is available when in fact it may not be. For this reason, you should use the second search form to comfirm availability at Domain Registration Bank (that is where I register all my domains).
  • Due to the vast number of domain extensions and new ones being added all the time, Instant Domain Name Search does NOT check whether or not you enter a genuine domain extension. Hence, if you misspell a domain extension, it will probably return the domain as available for registration. So make sure your spelling is correct.
  • Privavcy Concerns: I respect your privacy. As such, Instant Domain Name Search does NOT collect or store any of the data entered into the forms.
  • Email bugs to email at marketing munch dot com.